It seems these days, it is enough to announce you have “forked” a blockchain and put a claim on the name- and only later bother with trivialities like launching wallets, a main net, and actually producing regular blocks.

Now, at block 501,407, Bitcoin Cash Plus claims to have “forked” the Bitcoin blockchain, with an unknown connection to Bitcoin Cash. However, the effect of that fork is unknown, as there have been no blocks produced, and there is no known test network. 

The Bitcoin Cash Plus team even forgot to update the Twitter account, leaving the last message from December 20. The project may have no test net either: 

The GitHub for the project is all but empty, the team names are not even uploaded on the site, and this so-called hard fork also looks more like a prank than a serious software project. The Facebook page only has a profile picture and 50 “likes”. In that way, the fork is even worse than Bitcoin Diamond, which is also rather incomplete and has no replay protection. 

But Bitcoin Cash Plus has no code at all, not even an attempt.

And its site, besides the many “to be updated sections”, with nary a wallet in sight, is filled with other errors. The project has copy-pasted the “Emergency Difficulty Adjustment” idea from Bitcoin Cash. The only problem is, miners from the Bitcoin blockchain cannot migrate to the Bitcoin Cash Plus mining- since it uses a different algorithm. But the site promises: 

” Responsive Proof-of-Work difficulty adjustment allows miners to migrate from the legacy Bitcoin chain as desired, while providing protection against hashrate fluctuations.”

Other sites from the text have been lifted from the Bitcoin Cash project, including the promise of “multiple decentralized teams”. 

The stranger thing is that the project will not in fact fork Bitcoin Cash, and use an Equihash mining algorithm, making it akin to Ethereum. The best approach to this fork is to stay away, not use the wallets proposed, and not send funds to dubious exchanges with an unknown withdrawal policy.

SOURCE: Cryptovest


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