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As of today, hundreds of blockchain networks are completely isolated in their operation, unable to communicate with one another or share transactions data.

But this is about to change with an emergence of the Open Trading Network (OTN).

Like the Internet connected separate computers and autonomous networks into a World Wide Web, the OTN is set to connect isolated blockchain networks. And just like the Internet, the OTN will contribute to the appearance and development of the new products, services and even industries that will shape the future of the crypto world.

Ready-made solutions

Three types of participants can benefit from the OTN: individuals, businesses, and traders. Each of them will have a solution tailored to their needs.

The product for the individuals will be the OTN.Wallet. Many users want to store their different assets in one secure place, exchange and manipulate them with no additional hassle. With the OTN multi-currency wallet there will be no need to register separate wallets for each cryptocurrency. All of those can remain in the same secure storage.

When using the OTN. Wallet for exchange purposes, at every stage of transaction users will either have the asset itself or its tokenized version (a right of ownership). Thus no exchange will ever block your funds.

Two other products OTN plans to change the crypto world with will be the OTN.Exchange for traders and OTN.Business for businesses. The decentralized exchange will enable easy orders management, full transparency of transactions and 100% collateralized transactions. OTN.Business will assist businesses in creating their own tokens, getting them listed on exchanges instantly, crowdfunding and the development of loyalty programs.

Better than an ICO

Unlike many projects that opted for an ICO and turned out to be a fraud, Open Trading Network is a non-profit organization and is not looking to raise money for the development of its product.

OTN has a strong partner to support it with both market expertise and a major investment. This partner is IQ Option, the world’s leading broker with a 20-million user base and a line up of successful trading products. The broker currently employs the OTN tokens as a reward system for trading cryptocurrencies and accepting the OTN tokens to pay off commissions, giving the OTN tokens actual value.

How to get OTN tokens?

Starting from October 16, 2017, every Monday and 104 weeks onwards a total of 100 million OTN tokens will be issued.

You can receive the OTN tokens by trading cryptocurrencies on the IQ Option platform, by owning an OTN.Wallet or by purchasing OTN on the crypto exchanges. The full list of exchanges can be found on CoinMarketCap (Livecoin.net and Cryptopia to date). OTN project also plans to reward the existing OTN holders with more tokens during the airdrop.

Visit OTN.org for details on how the Open Trading Network aims to change the crypto world and subscribe for the updates.

*IQ Option is a brokerage company and does not provide OTN tokens to clients. All tokens are provided by the OTN foundation. The OTN foundation confirms that it does not sell OTN tokens and that the activity is non-commercial.

Contact: support@otn.org
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